Asia Cup 2022: After Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma expresses his views on mental health

By | August 27, 2022

Image Source : PTI Rohit Sharma in action

After former skipper, Virat Kohli opened up about the importance of addressing mental health and admitted to having felt “down” for a month,  India captain Rohit Sharma too expressed his opinion. According to him, every individual has a different response to his or her problem, Indian captain Rohit Sharma said on a day when his illustrious predecessor Virat Kohli

During a chat with ‘Star Sports’, Kohli spoke about how he had to “fake intensity” to conceal that he was feeling “mentally down”. He said he did not touch a bat for a month for the first time in 10 years post the England tour.

When Rohit was asked about the same ahead of India’s Asia Cup match against Pakistan, he showed empathy for everyone who has faced mental health issues.

“We do talk about these things a lot. Of late, when Covid-19 struck, this has been difficult for a lot of players, not just Virat himself,” Rohit said.

“A lot of players have gone through hard times mentally, staying in bubbles, not being able to go out of hotels and there is nothing wrong in it,” the skipper added.

“Because how you led your life until then was completely different because you had to stay in a bubble and inside the hotel for two months, quarantine. Every player had a way of responding to that and there is nothing wrong,” Rohit said.

For him, it is important to have fresh players.

“If players have his view on that (mental health), we talk about that in our group and what they talk about being mentally fresh and how we can keep them fresh. Freshness is important. Mentally you need to be fresh. So mental health is important,” he added.

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