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By | September 1, 2022

New Delhi: The `Real Housewives of Beverly Hills` star Erika Jayne won her USD 5 million fraud lawsuit in court this week.

According to Fox News, two colleagues of her estranged husband Tom Girardi filed the suit against her in 2020. Her attorney confirmed to Page Six that Jayne was not involved in “any wrongdoing” that attorneys Philip R. Sheldon and Robert P. Finn accused her of in late 2020.

For “aiding and abetting” Girardi in the alleged crime, the attorneys sued Jayne. Girardi was charged with embezzling money intended for the Lion Air Flight 610 victims` relatives. After being sued by his business partners, Girardi filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Following the major win, Jayne took to her Instagram handle and shared the news with her fans, she wrote, “Thank you to my friends that have stood beside me. All I asked for was time and understanding”.

Before the reality star revealed the significant victory, she shared an image of a Los Angeles Times story detailing Girardi`s alleged relationship with a former judge, during which he reportedly bought her a beachfront property and sent her $300,000 from his company.

“Wow,” Jayne began in her caption. “I knew about jewelry, shopping sprees, and plastic surgery but this really threw me for a loop.”

The judge`s lawyer, however, informed the publication that his client was not aware Girardi was allegedly defrauding his clients of their money. He said that Girardi “never disclosed anything with her regarding the source of any gifts” and that the transfer “was NOT identified as originating from a [Girardi Keese] trust account.”

After 21 years of marriage, Jayne filed for divorce from Girardi in November 2020. Jayne discussed her spouse managing her finances during their marriage with Andy Cohen at the Season 11 reunion.

“I gave every paycheck to my husband,” said Jayne, who wed the disgraced attorney in 2000. “I`ve handed every paycheck I`ve ever made over.”Jayne then told the show`s host why she stayed in her marriage. 

“I stayed because I had no access,” she explained, later adding, “You`re characterizing it as `for the money.` I`m telling you I could not leave because I had no access to the money.”

In a July 2021 episode of “RHOBH,” Jayne confided in her co-stars about Girardi`s cheating scandals following his car accident in 2018.

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