Fitbit launches Inspire 3, Versa 4 and Sense 2 in India: Check features and price

By | August 24, 2022

Google-owned Fitbit has officially added three new products to its portfolio, namely, the Fitbit Sense 2, Inspire 3 and Versa 4. The company is also offering six months of free Fitbit Premium subscription service to those who purchase the new devices. Here’s a quick look at what Fitbit has to offer.

Fitbit Inspire 3

The Inspire 3 is the company’s entry-level health and fitness tracker. It can automatically capture movement and track Active Zone Minutes, calories burned, heart rate, steps taken and distance covered.

Users will also be able to track their sleeping patterns and see sleep quality using features like Sleep Score and Sleep Stages. It also features the Health Metrics Dashboard that allows users to keep an eye on their heart variability rate, breathing rate, oxygen saturation and skin temperature amongst other things.

Fitbit claims the Inspire 3 has water resistance up to 50 metres and can last up to 10 days on a single charge. In India, the Inspire 3 is priced at Rs 8,999.

Versa 4

The Versa 4 is thinner and lighter compared to the previous version and packed with the latest Fitbit OS. Also, it looks like the button from Versa 2 is now back and is placed on the left side of the device. The Versa 4 will reportedly use 10 sleep metrics to help improve sleep quality. Also, similar to Sense 2, users will be able to manage stress. Users can choose from more than 40 exercise modes which include new options like HIIT, CrossFit, dance and weight lifting.

Fitbit claims the Versa 4 will offer six days of battery life and offer one day of battery life with just 12 minutes of fast charging. The device will be soon available for pre-order on the Fitbit website and is priced at Rs 20,499.

Fitbit Sense 2

Powered by the new Fitbit OS, the Sense 2 features a new Body Response sensor that makes use of metrics like heart rate, heart rate variability and skin temperature for stress management. The device can also recommend ways to manage stress using guided breathing and mindfulness sessions. The Sense 2 is the company’s most advanced product and starts at Rs 24,999.

Both Versa 4 and Sense 2 are compatible with iOS and Android devices and have features like smart replies on Android and glanceable alerts. The company says Google Maps and Google Wallet support are also underway.

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