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By | August 27, 2022

Decorating our homes is a significant component of Ganpati celebrations. A tastefully decorated home brings an extra touch of elegance to your celebrations as friends and family come together to share the happy occasion. However, not all of us may have the time or means to undertake a major overhaul. In order to help you get the job done fast and brighten up your home without spending too much money or time, we’ve put up a list of home décor ideas.



1. Colorful cushions

Arranging a lot of vibrant pillows all over the place is the easiest way to add a splash of colour and life to your home. In addition to being a fantastic conversation starter, this gives the house a lively appearance.

2. Photo frames and paintings

Put family photos in creative frames and display them throughout the house. They provide the festive mood with a dash of individuality. Even great if you can provide pictures from the family excursions you took. Additionally, you can hang paintings made of vibrantly coloured embroidery on your walls.

3. Lights

One of the Ganpati home decors that never fails is to hang sparkling lights behind the Ganpati mandap. It enhances the allure of the Ganpati decoration. Even better, layer the lights to give the Ganesh idol a dropping effect. Glass jars with a trendy and vintage aesthetic are particularly popular right now. You can get them for cheap and repurpose them to give it a festive feel. Make them colourful, add themes, and give them a funky flair. 

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4. Leaves, flowers, and clothes

This is the simplest way to add decorations to your home. Replace your paper or plastic flowers with the real deal, which is easy to find in your neighbourhood nursery or personal garden. You can hang them about your house by tying them together with cotton thread.

Use a banana leaf to serve your desserts and snacks or to set the idol on. Additionally, you can use your old sarees and vibrant dupattas to decorate the corners and nooks of your house.

5. Terracotta plates

Paint a terracotta(clay) plate with natural colours to use as a serving dish for all the modaks, laddoos, and sheera you and your guests are about to devour.

6. Origami

With origami, you can create some incredibly simple patterns like swans, butterflies, and umbrellas. Make as many of these patterns, then paste, attach, or decorate them on a bare wall or piece of fabric. Additionally, you can stay on theme by selecting a specific colour to unify the entire piece. The chance to spend quality time with your family while DIY-decorating your Ganpati mandap is provided by this festive décor hack.

7. Add fragrance

Smells evoke memories. Diffusers for essential oils, room sprays, incense, and aromatherapy candles can all be added to a home. Or just put a potpourri bowl on your centre table, just buy or DIY.


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Ganesh Chaturthi 2022: A Few Good Practices To Follow

– Put your Ganesha idol in the northeast corner of your house.

– A day before the festival, deep-clean your house. 

– Set a toran and banana leaves by your door.

– Prepare the laddoos and modaks.

– Consider buying a clay idol to protect the environment.

Happy designing! Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all of you!

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