Gmail’s new look based on Google’s Material Design 3 rolling out to more users

By | August 4, 2022

Gmail is undoubtedly the most popular email service in the world. And it looks like Google is once again bringing a new look to the platform based on Material Design 3. A few days ago, Gmail Product Manager announced they will be unifying Gmail, Chat, Meet and Spaces in a single window. The new design appears to be rolling out to more users now.

The new panel lets users easily switch between multiple apps, making multitasking easier. However, the redesigned panel is only visible if you have turned on Chat. Those who use Labels to organise inbox will now see separate sections for system and custom labels.

The Gmail team has revamped chat with users can now see snippets of incoming messages from bubbles instead of having to open the conversation.  More importantly, you can now easily search for messages using the improved filters and search result algorithm.

If you don’t plan on using the new two-panel interface and want to get rid of the apps panel on the left, you can do so by heading over to Settings and navigating to Customise. Users will get to choose which apps they want to use in Gmail. If you uncheck Chat and Meet, the new panel will be disabled.

For those looking to get rid of the new look, just head over to Settings and click on ‘Go back to the original view’ and you are good to go, at least for now. But it is unclear for how long this toggle will be available.

Google said they will be gradually rolling out the updated user interface, so it might take awhile before you are able to see the changes.

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