Here’s how Google Docs users can easily assign Tasks without leaving the app

By | August 20, 2022

Google Docs is an important online tool used for creating and editing documents. Now, Google Docs users can assign tasks to their co-workers and have them appear in their Task list. The feature resembles the Keep’s Checklist function but the difference is that users will be able to tag other users and assign them a particular task.

The Task list can be viewed by all the users who have access to the documents, including the name of the person who has been assigned the task, the deadline to complete the task, and whether it is completed or not. This way all of the people working on an assignment can keep themselves up to date.

To do so, you need to first create a checklist. When done, you will notice that to the left of the tick box, there is a task icon. Clicking on the task icon will open a small window where you can type the name of the person or people you want to assign the task to.

If someone makes some edits or modifiers parameters like the title, due date or completes the task, the updates will be reflected in Google Docs and Google Tasks. However, the new functionality requires Admins to turn on Google Tasks for the domain. In case you are the end user, you will need edit access to the document to either create or edit a task.

Google says they will be gradually rolling out the feature starting August 17 for Rapid Release Domains but Scheduled Release Domains will be getting the feature starting August 31. However, it might take up to 15 days from the release date before the feature appears.

Also, the Tasks feature is available only for Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business customers but will be unavailable for personal Google account users. The Google Docs Tasks integration is a really useful feature for those who want to assign Tasks from within Google Docs.

Earlier this year, Google announced that Docs will allow users to multi-select separate sections of text, a feature that was appreciated by many.

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