Hrithik Roshan opens up on his love for trilogies, credits ‘LOTR’ for the idea of ‘Krrish’! | Movies News

By | August 19, 2022

New Delhi: Hrithik Roshan is one of the finest actors in the industry today. He will be soon seen in ‘Vikram Vedha’ with Saif Ali Khan and fans are super-excited about it. Recently, he was seen attending the event for ‘The Lord of Rings: The Rings of Power’ and opened up about his love for such trilogies.

The ‘Krrish’ actor shared his connection with ‘Lord Of The Rings,’ one of the most epic trilogies based on a novel written by J.R.R. Tolkien. Hrithik has always been a fan and recently, he shared a beautiful anecdote about the film franchise.


At the promotional event of ‘The Lord of Rings: The Rings of Power,’ Hrithik went down memory lane and shared, “It was in 2004 when my father saw the first part of ‘Lord Of The Rings.’ After finishing the movie, he couldn’t help but head to the second part. Post that he put on the third part too for viewing. Yeah, he completed the trilogy in a single day back then.”

Further, he added, “After completing the film, he called me and we discussed the grandeur of the film and everything about it in terms of filmmaking, the characters, and the setting.”


“At one point during our conversation, he asked me, ‘Why can’t we have subsequent editions to our films? How about we extend ‘Koi… Mil Gaya?’ That’s how ‘Krrish’ came into being. I have to thank the makers of ‘LOTR’ for the idea behind the franchise of ‘Krrish’,” he concluded.

‘Koi Mil Gaya’ released in the year 2003 and received a lot of love. The film stars Preity Zinta and Rekha and also has a guest appearance by Rakesh Roshan. The franchise wrapped up in ‘Krrish 3’ starring Priyanka Chopra, the film hit the screens in the year 2013.

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