Joe Biden, the newly elected 46th President of United States of America has come great distance after serving his nation as a Vice President for eight years and is appeared up by American folks to make America united and suitable nation.
Allow us to see what astrology has to say about him whereas his Presidency creates hope round:
Not solely his arduous work and willpower was sturdy but in addition he discovered himself in good arms of fortune. We noticed Jupiter and Saturn taking path in direction of Aquarius which gave signal of Biden successful as Aquarius instructed coming of Democratic Authorities.
Biden’s signal is Scorpio and he’s a Ruler. He’ll carry higher good to his nation as his stars reveals that his emotional strengths and psychological capabilities are on method of accelerating.
Based on his zodiac, his passionate, loyal and impressive nature will America create new relationships with neighbouring nation.
Based on me, there’s danger of backstabbing and therefore he should look twice within the basket of individuals he might belief.
He’s a person with Taurus moon, somebody who’s grounded and rational and has very sturdy will energy and therefore his rivals may have arduous time.
Sagittarius as his rising signal, he might be appeared upon as progressive.
His Scorpion Solar will set him inclined in direction of justice and therefore make transformations which can write historical past.
He might be somebody who will not leap to conclusions about nationwide safety or any essential points and quite perceive each tiny element earlier than giving his phrases as his delivery throughout a waxing moon in Taurus suggests.
His emotional steadiness and passionate nature could be clearly signified by the presence of moon within the fifth home of his chart.
His Sagittarius ascendant assures us of him being somebody who would maintain up nationalism.
The place of Virgo and ruling of Mercury makes his determination energy reliable which says he will not rule with harsh fist however with judgment.
The energies launched by the transition of stars round his horoscope recommend that main undertakings would happen round his tenure of profession and his glory can be celebrated.
Transition of nodes of future within the ninth home will shift his efforts on world relations, concept of World as a household.
Saying this, the cosmic positions of heavenly our bodies says that his Presidency will restore the religion of Individuals within the authorities as somebody who seems to be upon them with good intentions. Lastly I’m positive the connection between India and USA will turn out to be stronger within the coming future.
I want him all the perfect in life on the event of the birthday of President Joe Biden.
— By Astro Pal Chirag, Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla


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