OnePlus working on a foldable phone? CEO Pete Lau shares a teaser

By | August 15, 2022

It looks like this month is all about foldable smartphones. After Xiaomi, Samsung, and Motorola launched their latest foldable device, it looks like OnePlus wants to jump on the bandwagon.

The company co-founder Pete Lau recently shared two pictures on the social media platform Twitter with text that reads ‘What do you think this is?’, suggesting that the BBK Electronics-owned company might be working on a foldable phone.

While OnePlus hasn’t revealed if they plan to launch a foldable phone, the tweet hints that the company might be planning to enter the foldable market.  The image Lau shared show a hinge, which will likely be used for a foldable screen. If this turns out to be true, they might be able to easily develop a foldable phone thanks to Oppo’s R&D experience. Oppo already has the Find N– which is a foldable phone. Looking at the size of the hinges, some say that the rumoured device will unfold like the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4.

Meanwhile, Samsung is betting big on the future of foldable phones and saying that the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold might outgrow the Galaxy S series by 2025. For a brand like OnePlus establishing its foothold in the foldables market and competing with the South Korean smartphone manufacturer might not be easy given Samsung had a bit of a head start right now.

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