Taapsee Pannu gets into heated argument with paps, says ‘Aap hamesha sahi hote ho, actor galat hota hai…’ | People News

By | August 9, 2022

New Delhi: Taapsee Pannu is currently promoting her upcoming film ‘Dobaaraa.’ On Monday, the actress got into a heated argument in Mumbai and the video is now going VIRAL on social media.

The incident took place when Pannu was making her way to a promotional event for her upcoming film ‘Dobaaraa’ in the city. Just then, a cameraman accused the actress of arriving late at the event.

In the video, we can see Taapsee arriving at the venue and immediately rushing inside instead of posing for the paps. One of the cameramen got upset and complained that they have been waiting here for two hours and she doesn’t even have a few minutes for them.

However, Taapsee informed them that she is merely following the schedule she’s been presented with.


“Mujhe jo bola gaya main kar rahi hoon, aap mere pe kyu chilla rahe ho? Aap to aise bol rahe ho jaise Maine aapko bulaya ho, (I am doing whatever I have been asked to do, why are you yelling at me, you are talking like I have called you here especially),” Taapsee said before pointing out to a particular paparazzo in the crowd.

Further, she added, “Please talk to me in a respectful manner, I am just doing my work. I have arrived on time at every place I have been asked to. You will talk to me respectfully, I will also talk to you respectfully.”

Other photographers tried to calm the situation, Taapsee replied, “The camera is on me, so only my side can be seen. If it’s on you for once then you would have realised how are you talking to me.”

“Aap hi hamesha sahi hote ho, actor hi hamesha galat hota hai (You are always right, and actors are always at fault),” she concluded.

Directed by Anurag Kashyap, ‘Dobaaraa’ is a sci-fi backed by Ekta Kapoor. The film also stars Pavail Gulati Besides this, Taapsee has also been busy with the shoot of her upcoming film ‘Dunki’ with Shah Rukh Khan.

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