We want to create our bench strength: India skipper Rohit Sharma

By | August 10, 2022

Team India
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According to Team India skipper, Rohit Sharma, having a solid bench strength is important, and the team is striving to build one with an eye on the future.

Since their shock group-stage elimination in the last T20 World Cup, India have been experimenting with their squads.

“We play a lot of cricket, so there will be injuries and workload management, so we have to rotate players,” Rohit said on the Star Sports show ‘Follow the Blues’.

“But it gives our bench strength to go and play the game, which is why we could try so many other guys who are ready to take that international stage and perform,” he added.

“We want to create our bench strength, we want to make sure that India’s future is in safe hands. That’s the planning that we are trying to have.”

Rohit is set to lead India in the upcoming T20 World Cup but before that, they have the Asia Cup to deal with as well.

He said the objective should be to get better as a team.

“I don’t know what next to expect but for me particularly, it’s just about getting better every day as a team,” said Rohit.

“No matter if you win or lose the series, that cannot take priority. What should take priority is if we are getting better as a team.

“The team’s goal is important and then obviously parts in it where the individuals come into play and play the role in the team’s success. But whatever the team is trying to do, the individuals need to buy into that thought process and work towards that direction.”

(Inputs from PTI)

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