WhatsApp new update will allow users to view Status from chat list

By | August 22, 2022

WhatsApp is rolling out a new update to enable users to view Status updates from their chat list, as per WhatsApp update tracking website WABeta Info. This update comes at a time when the messaging platform announced a spree of privacy features.

According to WABeta Info, WhatsApp is releasing this feature to certain beta testers. Status is a story-like feature where users can post photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Currently, users have to go to the Status tab to view the Status of other users. This will change now.

When a contact uploads a new status update, it will now be visible within the chat list. Users just need to tap their profile picture to view the status update. For users, who don’t post and view status updates and do not like this feature, they will be able to mute all status updates so they won’t show up within the chat list anymore.

Since this feature has been released on WhatsApp beta for Android, it may also be released to some beta testers on WhatsApp beta for iOS in a near future, as per WABeta Info.

In other news, WhatsApp might be working on a new feature that will let users undo deleted messages. Meanwhile, the Meta-owned messaging platform announced that the native WhatsApp app for Windows was out of beta and users will be able to send and receive messages even when their phone is offline. Last week, WhatsApp added three new privacy-focused features that let users leave a group silently, block screenshots and choose who can see their online status.

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